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February 19, 2013

I. President Barbara DeMore called the meeting to order. There were 53 members in attendance and Richard Kascsak represented the club.

II. Welcome/Membership Update

     a. Barbara introduced 4 new members: Mary Featherstone, D. Branson, Charlene Barno and Sue Campbell

III. Review of 2012

     a. We had 90 members for 2012.

     b. Tournaments

          i. We had two successful tournaments in addition to our Christmas Scramble and Awards Luncheon.

     c. Match Play-Barb Swanson reported that we had a successful match play tournament and we will offer the format for 2013. She felt that there would be some small modifications to speed the play.

     d. Sunshine committee-Marci Berry is responsible for sending cards to members who are ill or have had an accident. We also make a donation in the name of deceased members or their immediate family member.

      e. Donations: We sponsored a hole in the Hope Harbor and Pretty in Pink tournaments. We split our Christmas donation between Providence Home and Brunswick Family Assistance.

IV. Minutes of Last Meeting-November 12, 2012.

      a. A motion was made and seconded that we waive the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting.

V. Treasurer’s Report

       a. General Budget-2012

            i. Members were provided with a copy of the 2012 budget vs expenses.

            ii. The opening balance was $971.57 which included the Hole-in-One fund of $240.

            iii. We had a total income of $5,932

            iv. The tournament expenses were $3,777.89 and we had general expenses of $1,863.66.

            v. The ending balance was $1,262.02

VI. Proposed Budged-2013

      a. We have an anticipated income of $5,310.

      b. The tournament expenses are budgeted for $3,900

      c. In addition to general expenses of the previous year there was an additional $500 budgeted for a Memorial Bench.

      d. The ending balance was anticipated to be $427.02

      e. A motion was made and seconded to approve the proposed budget as presented.

 VII. Elections of Officers

     a. President-The nominating committee put forth the name of Sonja Zeoli as a candidate.

            i. Barbara called for additional nominations from the floor.

            ii. There being no further nominations, Sonja Zeoli was elected a President by unanimous proclamation.

     b. Treasurer-The nominating committee put forth the name of Karen Spinelli as a candidate

            i. Barbara called for additional nominations from the floor.

            ii. There being no further nominations, Karen Spinelli was elected Treasurer by unanimous proclamation.

VIII. Recognition of Members

     a . Linda Pohlman was recognized for her Hole-in-One.

     b. Barbara thanked Kathy Manning and Kathi McIlroy for their service as out-going tournament chair and treasurer respectively.

     c. Judy Nicoletti presented Barbara with a present from the Executive Board for her service as President for the last 6 years.

IX. Updates

     a. Memorial Bench

          i. Barbara reported that the Memorial Bench would be installed on Piper #5. The bench will read “In Memory of Former Piperettes”.

          ii. We have budgeted $500 and the actual cost will be around $700. We will run 50/50 drawings to supplement the treasury as necessary.

          iii. The club has indicated that the installation will be handled by the maintenance personnel.

     b. Match Play Tournament

          i. The sign up sheet for 2013 is available. Barb Swanson indicated that she was planning to try to enhance the tournament to speed the play.

          ii. Interclub.

               1. Kathy Manning reported that Carolina National will be the host for 2013, the tournaments are planned for 3 Thursdays and 3 Saturdays and the first tournament will be June 8.

          iii. Forward Tees

               1. Guidelines were provided to the members outlining the criteria to be used for those people who are eligible to use the forward tees.

                2. The age plus handicap requirement will be a total of 111.

iv. Tournament Schedule-the 2013 tournament schedule is posted on the website.

v. Fun Day at Barefoot Landing-Kathy Manning reported that we are limited to 10 participants. Names have been drawn for both participants and alternates.

X. General Information

          a. Tuesday League Play

              i. begins on the first Tuesday in March. We were reminded to be at the club ½ hour before our scheduled tee time.

              ii. Participation in Games/Refunds

                        1. Members are expected to declare at the start of play that they are participating in the game and pay their money to the A player in their group. If they decide later that they do not want or cannot complete the round, there will be no refunds.

             iii. Winter Rules are in effect from October through March.

             iv. Bunker Rule-the Bunker rule is posted on the website.

        b. Review of question regarding a Local Root Rule

             i. Richard indicated that the USGA is very specific about not allowing a “root rule” and he is strongly opposed to going outside the USGA rules to make this exception.

             ii. Richard also requested that members be careful about making and cancelling tee times especially through the package season.

XI. Additional Items for Discussion

         a. Barbara reminded those who have not paid for Hole-in-One insurance should do so if they wished to participate.

         b. Members were also reminded to pay to participate in the Ringers game.

XII. Remarks

         a. Barbara told members that she was proud of the progress we have made during her presidency and that she knows we will continue to prosper under Sonja’s leadership.

         b. The 50/50 drawing was held. Jane Duvall and Sonja split the pot of $130.

XIII. Adjournment

         a . There being no further business to discuss, Barbara asked for a motion to adjourn. The motion was made and carried.

Respectfully submitted


Judy DeStefon, Secretary

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