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Join us at our annual Christmas Scramble. It will be held on Tuesday December 6th. What a great way to end our season and wish each other the best of the best for the coming year. Lunch will be served and we will have a Yankee Swap. Looking forward to everyone coming out and joining us for a day of fun a frivolity. A prayer for warm weather wouldn't be a bad thing either!



This website has been established as a means of promoting the growth of the Ladies Golf Association of Sandpiper Bay Golf Club.

Sandpiper Bay Golf Club is located in Sunset Beach NC. We are a group of women who enjoy the game of golf and the friendships we make playing the game.

As a new community of transplants there is no better way for women to get out and meet your neighbors then through our ladies golf association. Golf has a way of removing all of the awkward feelings we all feel when we are beginning to make new friends. Playing well or playing poorly is a concept that we can all relate to and immediately establishes a "common ground".

We invite all women to join our group.How well you play should not enter into your decision to join. Our handicaps range from 7 to 67. The only real thing you need to join is a sense of humor and a willingness to learn. 

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